Equestrian stud, Stable and farm maintenance

Services Offered

SCR Electrical are highly experienced in stable and farm maintenance, offering a range of services ranging from inspection and testing to complete rewires. Based in Cambridgeshire we also offer a whole range of services for the thoroughbred industry. Please see below a full list of services.

Understanding Your Business

We know that time and money are precious commodities that's why we only install the very latest in technology when it comes to installing lighting timers and use the latest LED lighting technology.

Looking to Upgrade

If you're looking at upgrading your lighting systems, foaling down CCTV installations, look no further than SCR Electrical who understand the importance of delivering the best results.

Stud farm case study

Project Overview

Over the past couple of months SCR Electrical have carried out a range of projects for Woodcote Stud, Epsom. 

LED Lighting Upgrade

We were taken on to complete the lighting upgrade in the indoor school and for the undercover horse walker. When the survey was carried out it was agreed LED units would be used with daylight colour LED's.

LED vs Halogen

Compared with a regular halogen bulb, LEDs can last up to 25 times longer. Switch to LED, leave them on constantly and you should find they're still working, 6 years later! (Halogen will tend to burn out after roughly 83 days of constant use). 

Cost Savings

Using  LED lighting can reduce your lighting bill by up to 90%.  LED lighting drastically reduces the carbon footprint of your home or business, and emits up to 70% less UV light than halogen bulbs.

Project Completion

We removed the old halogen light fittings and installed Luceco 30 watt daylight units, which come with a 3 year warranty giving the end uses peace of mind the light immediate by these is the best lighting solution for this area 


"SCR Electrical were more than helpful throughout the whole project. The work was carried out at one of our busiest times of the year (yearling prep) and they were very flexible, completing the horse walker upgrade after normal hours and working through into the evening to complete it."    

Stable windows renovation

Project overview

We were contracted by Woodcote Stud to carry out the renovation of the windows on a set of stables. The stable windows are original and about 40 years old. Over the years the weather had caused the sills to become rotten. 

Looking at the options

The original windows were one solid big piece of glass and a small opening top window. To create more air flow in the stable during the summer months we came up with the idea of having a big sliding window and fixed top window. 

The build

When we started removing the old windows it became clear that all the sills were rotten. These were all removed and new ones machined on site. All the surrounding frame work was replaced to stop further water damage to the rest of the internal framework. 

Sliding frames

All the sliding frames were made on site and all joints were mitered to give a nicer appearance on the building. On the internal side of the stable we fitted new 2" square welded mesh.


While we were on site we were asked if we could frame a large picture of Kingston Hill winning  the St Leger.

Center stage

This now sits center stage in the foaling unit where some of his prodigy are now born.

(dimensions of the picture are 200cm x150cm)

stable refurbishment

Restoring old stable buildings

We were selected by Pony Fun to restore an old stable block and divide the largest stable into two separate stables. We also carried out a complete rewire of the lighting in the building, installing new LED lighting and new external switches. 

Frame Work

The frame work was made on site out of 4x2 timber and was securely fastened to the wall floor and ceiling.

The inside of the boarding out was 1 inch thick ply wood and the outer from 1/2 inch.

Stable doors

The stable doors were made on site and made to measure as per client specifications to accommodate the smaller pony.


After removing the old lighting system we installed 15 watt LED bulk heads in the stables and the tack room, also replacing the old non-compliant switch. We installed 2 x 15 watt led bulk head lights on the side of the building to light the outside area.

Rubber crumb installation

On the outside of the building there was a very uneven surface. We stripped off the turf and excavated down 300mm then back filled up to 200mm with hogging then topped off with rubber crumb. 


"SCR Electrical were fantastic from start to finish, keeping us up to date at each stage of the project and ensuring its completion on time for the pony's arrival."

Gate way drainage

The problem

Over the years wear from vehicles and horses had caused the ground to become eroded, causing a low spot in the gate way and as a result the water was just sitting there.

The soultion

We installed a gravel drain with soak away pipe in and a run away from the gate way. We built the ground level back up to marry in to existing levels.

The trench

The trench was dug across the gate way and then ran off and under the post and rail to find an open land drain.

Project completion

Once the gravel and pipe were installed we used the airisings from excavation to marry the different levels and back filled over the drain with a dark sand.


"Since the drain has been installed there has been no water sitting in the gate way for weeks at a time, it even drains away very quickly after a heavy downpour."