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Whether you are looking for a light replacement or a complete rewire - we've got it covered. With lots of experience in agricultural services and poultry farm maintenance we're happy to work in all environments - and because of our experience of working on farms and other agricultural sites we understand the complex nature of your business and that it doesn't operate on a 9-5 schedule.  

So if you are looking for that lighting solution or want to make sure your installation is complying with the current regulations and giving you and your employees the proper protection please contact us today.

Below is a case study of a recently restored poultry barn  

Poultry Barn Renovation

Project Overview

The poultry barn side had been badly damaged from flooding and the wood had become rotten. We were hired to remove the old sections and install new Harlow sections. Belton Layers wanted to appoint one contractor to complete the project from start to finish.


We prepared the barn before removing the sections by removing the old guttering and down pipes and pulling the old roof nails out, then we removed the slats from in front of the barn. We removed the main drain from the pit in front of the barn. On the inside we prepared the sections for removal and stripped down the egg store room.


Once the preparation was completed we removed the old sections and prepared any of the footings of the barn that needed attention and installed the new Harlow sections, these came as flat pack assemblies direct from Harlow Poultry houses. Once all sections were in we secured the roof with tech bolts to give a firm hold. We installed all new guttering and down pipes. 


As with any major renovation works things come up and additional work was required. All of the first run of roof insulation needed replacing. We replaced the existing polystyrene sheets with new 25mm thick insulation board. The pit that runs in front of the barn, the slurry, needed to be emptied to re-instate the drain pipe and slats, we hired a digger and relocated the slurry else where on site.

Project Completion

We refitted out the egg store room and relocated a power socket to stop it getting broken. We also carried out an inspection of the electric installation and carried out necessary remedial work to bring it up to standard and regulation. 


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